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Mary Jane Johnson and her husband Jake present us that married life is stuffed with attractive spontaneity! Jake approaches his beautiful spouse from behind, kneeling to worship her slender again and rounded backside as he removes her panties. Leaning in opposition to the wall, Mary Jane opens to Jake as he slides his erect cock alongside her juicy slit earlier than penetrating her from behind with a thrust that fills her completely.The couple exchanges a longing look earlier than Mary Jane decides to provide her husband the last word pleasure. Sinking to her knees, she takes his lengthy laborious dick in her mouth. Sucking and licking, she stares up at him lovingly as she drives him wild. When Jake cannot take it any longer he sits down onto a chair, pulling Mary Jane into his lap to impale herself on his member. Their lovemaking heats as much as fever pitch as Mary Jane shifts her place from cowgirl to reverse cowgirl so she will journey her man with higher management.Craving deeper penetration, Mary Jane leans over the sofa and thrusts her slender ass within the air to encourage her man to take her doggy model from behind. He gladly complies, pounding into her needy pussy till she moans with pleasure.Jake is not about to let his girl get off with out giving her a little bit little bit of oral love, too, although. Laying his spouse out on the sofa and gently parting her legs, he rests his cheek on her tender inside thigh and licks and suckles at her tender clit as she writhes in pleasure.When Mary Jane is balanced on the sting of an orgasm, her husband stands up and thrusts his laborious cock deep into her welcoming warmth and pumps laborious and quick. She reaches down and massages her clit till she climaxes with a protracted moan. Jake follows his spouse over the sting quickly after, glutting her together with his cum. As she lies, replete with pleasure, he lovingly licks her clear earlier than sharing a passionate kiss along with her.

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