Watching You With Blue Angel Stacy Snake Movies Watching You Lengthy


Stacy Snake and Johnny Black are within the midst of an intimate second when Blue Angel walks in on them. She watches them for a couple of minutes, after which accepts their invitation to affix in. Crawling onto the mattress behind her buddy Stacy, Blue eagerly helps Johnny increase Stacy’s shirt and palm her perky little tits.With an additional pair of fingers to assist him seduce his girl, Johnny’s fingers are free to roam Stacy’s physique and cup the warmth between her legs. Blue follows the trail Johnny’s fingers have blazed along with her mouth, planting open-mouthed kisses and licks on Stacy’s lithe physique earlier than serving to her out of her panties to have higher entry to her girl’s shaved candy pussy. Lapping and sucking at Stacy’s juicy slit, Blue brings her wonderful pleasure.Quickly, Stacy and Johnny urge Blue into the middle of their consideration. Pinching and nipping at Blue’s nipples, Johnny warms the slender magnificence up as Stacy kisses her manner right down to the well-trimmed juncture between Blue’s legs and dives into her creamy twat.The 2 women change a protracted, sensual kiss earlier than Blue latches onto her alternative to increase some pleasure to Johnny as effectively. Propping herself up whereas Stacy resumes her loving suckling between her legs, Blue wraps her lips round her man’s onerous cock to start an intense blow job.The trio switches positions once more in order that Blue can resume her ministrations on Stacy’s sexy pussy whereas Johnny does the identical for Blue to lubricate her for his pulsing dick, which pushes into her as quickly as she is prepared.In one other positional swap, Stacy takes her flip within the center consuming out Blue as Johnny fucks her doggy type from behind. The trio would not final lengthy like that earlier than Johnny lies down on the mattress and lets Blue mount him whereas he retains his tongue busy consuming out Stacy’s drenched pussy. As Blue reaches the head of her orgasm, the ladies lean ahead and change a protracted, passionate kiss.Blue climbs off of her stud and Stacy takes her place, using her man reverse cowgirl type as Blue rubs at her tender clitoris. As Johnny will get nearer to cumming he pulls out of his lover’s tight sheath and kneels to let Blue suck him off as Stacy brings Blue to an unimaginable orgasm. Seconds later, Johnny empties himself throughout Blue’s stomach, the place Stacy leans over to lick his essence off. The ladies end their lovemaking with one other loving kiss.

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